There are many great articles deep-diving into various aspects of Bitcoin. This post will contain links to ones that I found helpful to understanding the nature of Bitcoin. It will grow more populated and organized, in time.

Inspired by Jameson Lopp's Bitcoin Information & Resources website.

My Articles

Introduction to Bitcoin

Proof of Work, Mining, and Energy Consumption

  • "Blockchain Proof-of-Work Is a Decentralized Clock" by Gregory Trubetskoy: is an excellent essay to understand why Bitcoin's "Proof-of-Work" system is so revolutionary and essential.
  • "Proof of Work is Efficient" by Dan Held
    This article puts Bitcoin mining's electricity use in perspective.
  • "Beware of Lazy Research: Let’s Talk Electricity Waste & How Bitcoin Mining Can Power A Renewable Energy Renaissance" by Christopher Bendiksen of Coinshares:
    Coinshares' research exposes one consistent error in almost all studies, even by legitimate professional researchers, that seek to evaluate the carbon footprint of Bitcoin mining: they make the rediculous assumption that wherever mining takes place, the "average energy mix" is used as a source of electricity. That would be economically idiotic of bitcoin miners, when the clear incentive is to use the cheapest possible energy source to maximize profit, which is usually hydroelectric or other renewable sources. And after 2 years of serious investigation, Coinshares found that is exactly what miners use, to the tune of almost 80% on the conservative side of the estimate.